A Prayer for Lent

Loving and merciful God!cof

We find ourselves in the midst of the mystery of life and come before you full of unanswered questions, searching for meaning, seeking your presence in all that surrounds us.

We give thanks for the signs of your majesty in the ordinary experiences: for the sudden burst of colour breaking through the hard-wintered earth as, all around ,the crocus open their heads and dance in the breeze; for the gentle warmth of the sun as slowly the days lengthen. All of your creation bristles with potential as planets spin and the burning light of the furthest stars lets us believe that they clothe and surround us on earth.  May we harness a little of that energy that we might serve the coming of your kingdom in all that we do.  For we can give thanks and sing your praise in fine words and music, but truly following you in our every-day encounters? That is the hard part.

Though we may question whether our love for you is ever big enough, we carry on the Way you have called us, together, and trusting in the bigness of your love for us, shown through the life and death and on-going presence of your son, Jesus Christ.     AMEN


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